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admin / October 5, 2018

SeatGEN recently made an announcement about their new classroom seating chart app which will help the instructors from worldwide to organize their students. The new online seating chart maker can provide a number of features which could make it simpler for the teachers to arrange the seats of the students.

Establishing a seating plan as soon as the semester begins is very challenging for any teacher or professor. Even if they actually make early preparations for this, it’s very difficult to make multiple seat plans for the class.

This has always been the issue of teachers around the globe, but due to the new interactive seating chart developed by seatGEN, these difficulties could be reduced or completely eliminated.

Some individuals would say that this is application isn’t really useful because there are other apps that would help with teaching, but this is among the best out there and if it may be used appropriately, it’ll definitely be a big help for instructors. There are 2 known benefits that could make you think twice when you are thinking of using this application of seatGEN. You could very easily know the names and the faces of pupils because this type of application will enable you to add an image along with their names. There are also situations when some of the kids would choose to seat in the front due to their learning disabilities, poor hearing and eyesight and more.

SeatGEN will absolutely be your best option because this kind of application can improve your engagement with the students. There are lots of classroom seating chart templates on the market, but you could expect that seatGEN is always at the top due to their experience in developing technological solutions for classrooms. This program that was released by seatGEN contains plenty of features like comprehensive seat charts, student profiles, photos, and student info and more. The application also has some good info that will help the teacher deal with everything without difficulty like attendance, grades and more so it is surely one of the best options for teachers.

This app will surely be a game changer for all the instructors who are having a hard time making their own seat plan. They won’t need to spend lots of time memorizing each and every student and the names are also accompanied by photos of the students so it would be easier for the teacher to memorize them.

Temporary teachers may also be used if the teacher will have to take leave for a few days. The new application will permit the replacement teacher to adapt to the pupils since all the information about them may be accessed on the seating chart app for free. This application is unquestionably beneficial with regards to teaching.

If you want to search for a free classroom seating chart maker there are a few of them in the market today. If you want to understand more about this, you could call us today.


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