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How to enable themed icons in Android 12

Material You is an Android global theme engine that extends the existing design scheme to icons. Jack Wallen demonstrates how to enable themed icons.

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Material You is the UX revival Android has been waiting for. Google decided to update Material Design to make it look fresh. It was a huge success. Material You is an amazing mobile interface. The most striking feature of this reboot is the dynamic nature of the global theme. It adapts to your home screen wallpaper. Your wallpaper will be based on your blue-centric theme. If it contains a lot green, then it is green.

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Material You dynamic theming does not only apply to widgets or app interfaces. Android 12 beta 3 now has this dynamic system for icons. This new feature will allow you to find monochrome icons that match the global Material You theme. It’s a fantastic addition to Material You’s new theming engine.

Before I show how to enable this feature in your app, please note that not all apps have a Material You-ready icon. All Google apps are compatible with this feature, as well some third-party programs. It won’t be until Android 12’s final release that nearly all applications will support the themed icon feature.

Let’s enable dynamic icons.

What you will need

Material You is only available in Android 12 beta. You must have the most recent beta version installed on your device. How to install Android 12 beta on supported devices is in “How to get Android 12 beta”

Let’s create these themed icons.

How to enable themed icons

Long-press the home screen on your Android 12 device. The menu will appear.Figure A), tap Wallpaper & Style. 

Figure A


The long-press menu on the Android 12 home screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of page and tap the On/Off slider.Figure B.

Figure B


Enable the themed icons option on Android 12 on a Pixel

Once enabled, the new monochrome icons have been re-themed in accordance with the global UI.Figure C.

Figure C


The icons that are not themed are on the left, and the icons that are themed on the right.

Is this a new feature that will help you be more productive on your Android device? It won’t. No.

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