Monday, September 20, 2021

Nintendo is shutting down its Dr. Mario mobile game

Nintendo has announced that Dr. Mario World, a mobile take on the puzzle game series, will go out of service on November 1st, with sales of its in-app “diamond” currency ending today. The game was launched a little over two years ago, and is the first of Nintendo’s mobile games to be shut down, unless you count the Mii-themed social network Miitomo.

SensorTower data, which was collected approximately six months after its launch indicates that the data was accurate. Dr. Mario WorldIn terms of revenue performance, this was the Nintendo smartphone game that performed the worst. This includes Super Mario Runwhose disappointing sales led Nintendo to pursue freemium model options. Fire Emblem Heroes remains the company’s biggest mobile hit by a huge distance, generating more revenue than its other games combined.

Nintendo went out of its way for the best Dr. Mario WorldIt was more of a monetization device than a direct translation NES-era gaming, but it doesn’t seem like enough people are getting hooked to make it worthwhile to continue operating. Mobile games still account for a tiny portion of Nintendo’s overall earnings; last year the company attributed just 3.24 percent of its revenue to “mobile and IP related income,” which includes licensing deals. The Switch is responsible for almost all other income.

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