Saturday, November 27, 2021

Twitter pilots a new shopping section for brands

Twitter has announced that they are piloting a new feature that allows businesses add a shopping section on their profiles. The Shop Module is now available in the US and provides a variety of products for users to browse. Clicking on a product will open a listing that allows you to make a purchase. Twitter has stated that the pilot is only available for iOS users who use the service in English.

“People talk about products on Twitter everyday, so we’re excited about how this early exploration of the Shop Module can build a bridge between people talking about and discovering products on Twitter to actually purchasing them,” Twitter says. For now, the pilot is only available for a few brands, including GameStop and Arden Cove. Twitter did not provide a timeline for when the pilot might be expanded to other brands.

The module consists a carousel that links to product listings.
Image: Twitter

Other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest have also used new features to turn their services into shopping destinations, and even Twitter has previously experimented with embedding a “Buy” button directly into tweets (it officially dropped the feature in 2017).

Twitter is exploring other ways to make money than just showing ads. Twitter announced this year a paid subscription service that includes premium features and plans to allow users to charge for exclusive content. A Tip Jar feature will also be available for one-off payments.

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