Saturday, November 27, 2021

WhatsApp reportedly developing iOS to Android transfer option for chat history

WhatsApp is working on a way to allow its users to transfer their chat history between iOS and Android. reports from WABetaInfo 9to5Google. The feature could fix one of the biggest annoyances with the Facebook-owned messaging service, which is that it’s not officially possible to transfer a backup of your messages between iPhone and Android, only between phones running the same operating system. Details of the in-development feature have been appearing in WhatsApp’s software since at least April.

Screenshots shared with WABetaInfo show a new “Move chats to Android” option in WhatsApp’s iOS app. A second screenshot shows the screen asking users to keep their iPhones unlocked and WhatsApp open during the transfer. The majority of evidence so far points to an iOS-to-Android transfer feature. WABetaInfo Previously, it was reported that the reverse would also be possible.

WhatsApp’s new transfer tool could form part of a new “Switch to Android” iOS app under development from Google, XDA DevelopersReports. Similar to the “Move to iOS” app that Apple offers to help users migrate from Android to iOS, Switch to Android could make it easier to migrate to Google’s operating system. Code in Google’s app suggests it might integrate with WhatsApp’s unreleased transfer tool, according to XDA Developers.

WhatsApp beta testing multi-device support. Users will be able to access their conversations from multiple devices without having to route everything through one device. You can also transfer chat history between platforms. WABetaInfoAccording to reports, WhatsApp is also working on a way to transfer them between different phones. It’s currently unclear when any of these features might be widely available.

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